Why buy insurance from an Independent Insurance Agency?

Trusted ChoiceThere are several ways to buy insurance – through the internet, the mail, captive agents (i.e., Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, etc.) or an independent insurance agent.

Independent agents distinguish themselves from their competitors by representing many companies thus offering a choice in terms of products and pricing. In addition, they generally have long term careers in the insurance industry providing their clients with a depth of experience and professionalism. Important insurance decisions are best made with the advice and service of a professional independent agent.

At the Marc D. Glass Insurance Agency, our primary objectives are to be honest and fair in all our dealings, to be interested in people and their problems, and to treat client’ needs as if they were our own.

Our clients tell us they value our depth of knowledge and experience in insurance matters, the number of reputable companies we represent, and our professionalism in doing our best to meet their needs.

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